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In the field of traffic infrastructure, high-quality coating systems approved according to the TL/TP-KOR-Steel Structures regulations are used for steel bridges, railings, noise barriers, sign gantries and other transportation facilities. Regular maintenance measures with coating materials protect the steel components, thus obviating the need for costly refurbishment of the entire structure. Since the first approval of coating materials by what was then the "Reichsbahn" (German National Railway) in 1937, coating systems have been constantly further developed and adapted to meet increasing requirements in cooperation with German Railways (Deutsche Bahn AG) and the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt). This is why GEHOLIT+WIEMER has for decades been regarded as the competent partner in the field of new construction and rehabilitation, with most approvals according to the TL/TP-KOR-Steel Structures regulations.

Production halls, shopping malls, swimming pools or roller coasters – the corrosion protection requirements in steel girder constructions are as varied as the applications. All steel constructions require high-quality corrosion protection in order to maintain their stability and visual charm over a long period of time. For all property-specific ambient conditions, GEHOLIT+WIEMER offers a top-quality corrosion protection programme, with coating solutions for corrosiveness categories C1 to CX. These include waterborne, high solid or conventional coating materials which are used as one or two-component primers, intermediate coatings or topcoats and which can be combined in different coating systems.

The generation of energy in power plants and wind turbines as well as its transportation through overhead power pylons and its transformation in substations is effected using a complex infrastructure. Exact requirements profiles by network operators and energy utilities for corrosion protection must be fulfilled in order to protect this infrastructure reliably and over the long term from external stresses. For over 65 years now, GEHOLIT+WIEMER has been cooperating successfully with the large energy groups to ensure the reliability of their infrastructure. Our successful developments in this area have already received an award for innovation from RWE AG.

Pipelines, refinery systems, nuclear plants or other industrial constructions – all of these objects must be protected reliably and over the long term from corrosion. Particularly in the chemicals industry, corrosion protection has to meet high standards. Besides normal atmospheric influences, the coating materials may also be exposed to high temperatures. GEHOLIT+WIEMER offers resistant coating solutions for corrosion protection from aggressive, chemical stresses up to corrosiveness category CX, as well as temperatures up to 600° C.

"The goal of the DGNB is to plan, design and use the built environment for the benefit of all in such a way that the interests of the generations following us do not suffer – as far as possible without encroaching on the interests of today's generation." Together with the DGNB, GEHOLIT+WIEMER is working on making buildings more sustainable, on maintaining their value, on protecting resources and on making them more economical in use. These properties are certified in the award levels Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze, according to clearly defined DGNB criteria. Our know-how in the field of sustainable and environmentally friendly corrosion protection makes us experts, particularly in waterborne and high solid coating materials, and the right consultants for architects, planners and customers.

Coating systems and hot dip galvanising systems have very good corrosion protection properties which allow long-term protection. Duplex systems are a combination of these two technologies and have a special synergy effect: The resulting corrosion protection is more durable than the sum of the individual components and can last for 25 to 50 years. GEHOLIT+WIEMER has outstanding knowledge and many years of practical experience in the development, manufacture and application of duplex systems.


  • Protection from the reduction of the galvanised coating and release of heavy metals into the environment
  • Application also possible on site
  • Corrosion protection also in inaccessible places
  • Colouring for aesthetic reasons or as a warning

Steel sheet pilings, weir systems and floodgates - these and other structures in hydraulic steel construction have particularly high demands on corrosion protection due to their areas of application. In addition to the atmospheric conditions, constant water changes, salts or mechanical loads, e.g. Scree and sand, to create the surfaces in a special way. Special corrosion protection products enable these objects to be protected sustainably and to be preserved for several decades. The products fully meet the "Guidelines for the testing of coating systems for corrosion protection in hydraulic steel construction" (RPB) and are in the lists of approved systems for fresh, salt / brackish water and soil (Im1 - Im4) of the Federal Institute for Hydraulic Engineering (BAW).

Short delivery times and small quantities in a variety of colours impose high requirements on manufacturers of diverse components. The dependency of coating suppliers with regard to delivery times as well as minimum purchase quantities can lead, particularly when short-term orders are concerned, to production delays as well as unusable leftover material, which entails unnecessary costs. GEHOLIT+WIEMER offers the optimum solution for this problem: the GEHOFIX paint mixing system. It enables in-house, automatic production of RAL, NCS and corporate colours in small quantities from one to ten kilograms – in just a few minutes. Multi-stage valves ensure exact dosage of pigment pastes into transparent, yellow or white base coats, thus guaranteeing maximum colour accuracy. With the GEHOFIX paint mixing system, unnecessary residual quantities can be avoided: that frees up storage capacities and saves time and costs during disposal.

The all-weather products can be used in extreme climatic conditions. The 1K high solid products can be processed at air, ambient and object temperatures of -5 ° C to 40 ° C. They can be applied directly to damp steel surfaces, old coatings and even residual rust. External test certificates for C3-Hoch to C5-Hoch testify to the high quality of the materials.

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