Technical data sheets

Industrial paints by industry

Grey cast iron, aluminium or strip galvanising – a wide variety of different substrates is used in the production of electric motors and gears as well as pumps and fittings. Complex component geometries and constant contact with aggressive oils or other chemicals put high requirements on the coating system. GEHOLIT+WIEMER supplies appropriate coating solutions to manufacturers of drive and conveyor technology in a quality respectively optimised for the customer‘s process. Coatings with high mechanical and chemical resistance can effectively protect components. This is precisely why GEHOLIT+WIEMER has been serving the largest electric motor manufacturers in the world for decades.

Oils and lubricants put a constant strain on the coating of machinery and plants. Aggressive cleaning agents or disinfectants which are used for medical devices also put high demands on the coating system. High mechanical strength of the coating is often an additional requirement in machinery and plant construction. Robust and durable solutions for long-lasting protection are required here. Last but not least, it is necessary to meet different specifications and ensure creative variety with regard to colours, surface structures and gloss level gradations. GEHOLIT+WIEMER combines these complex requirements in coating solutions which are tailored to the respective application. The main focus is on unproblematic coating of complex component geometries in order to support smooth and time-optimised production processes at the manufacturers - at the highest quality level.

Severe weather influences, stubborn dirt deposits and high mechanical stress - construction and agricultural machinery, commercial and special vehicles as well as their attachment and accessory parts are exposed to extreme external influences. The coating systems have to provide optimum corrosion protection and also meet visual requirements with regard to colour stability and gloss level. GEHOLIT+WIEMER meets these complex requirements with high-quality coating solutions which stand out due to their optimum colour stability and ensure long-lasting protection of the components against corrosion through top mechanical strength.

Short delivery times and small quantities in a variety of colours impose high requirements on manufacturers of diverse components. The dependency of coating suppliers with regard to delivery times as well as minimum purchase quantities can lead, particularly when short-term orders are concerned, to production delays as well as unusable leftover material, which entails unnecessary costs. GEHOLIT+WIEMER offers the optimum solution for this problem: the GEHOFIX paint mixing system. It enables in-house, automatic production of RAL, NCS and corporate colours in small quantities from one to ten kilograms – in just a few minutes. Multi-stage valves ensure exact dosage of pigment pastes into transparent, yellow or white base coats, thus guaranteeing maximum colour accuracy. With the GEHOFIX paint mixing system, unnecessary residual quantities can be avoided: that frees up storage capacities and saves time and costs during disposal.

The processes involved in the production of drive and conveyor technology, machines and systems as well as construction and agricultural machinery have to become ever faster in order to be efficient. At the same time, the VOC guidelines pose another major challenge for paint users: monitoring and reducing solvent emissions. GEHOLIT+WIEMER has set itself the task of offering its customers individual coating solutions that meet the complex demands on efficiency. Fast-curing rapid coating materials or single-layer coatings that save work cycles reduce drying times or considerably reduce the workload. This saves energy and resources and protects the components over the long term. And GEHOLIT+WIEMER, as a trendsetter in sustainable coating materials, also has the right solutions for compliance with the VOC directive: Hydrocoating materials, the solvent content of which is mainly water, and high-solid coating materials, which have a solid content of over 75%.

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