Technical data sheets


The All-weather products can be used in extreme climatic conditions. The 1K high solid products can be processed at air, ambient and object temperatures of -5 ° C to 40 ° C. They can be applied directly to damp steel surfaces, old coatings and even residual rust. External test certificates for C3-Hoch to C5-Hoch testify to the high quality of the materials.

Typical objects are chemical plants such as refineries and tank farms, transformer stations, downpipes in pumped hydropower plants, overhead line masts, pipe bridges and tunnels.



When renovating a ski hall, the corrosion protection of the steel hall should be renewed while the ski lifts are running. I was very happy when I came across the new all-weather technology. When the materials were processed in the ice-cold hall, the air and object temperatures were -5 ° C. The technical test on the following day showed excellent values. For me, the new materials are a real problem solution.

Lars-Oliver Mau von WHP-Architekten, Hamburg

As a corrosion protection specialist, it sounded unbelievable to me that a one-component high-solid coating material should work directly on damp steel surfaces and on old coatings. I personally convinced myself of this on November 2nd, 2019. After a heavy downpour, I removed the water with a simple sponge and rolled the primer WIEMERDUR-Z10AW myself directly onto the damp steel surfaces. The all weather technology really works!

Werner Diener von Werner Diener Industrieanstriche, Köln

In a production hall for cellulose production, the sendzimir galvanized sandwich panels of the hall ceiling were to be renovated. During ongoing production, the all-weather materials were successfully processed at 98% humidity and air temperatures of approx. 40 ° C. The new corrosion protection products are really easy to work with under extreme conditions. The test results confirmed the technical information in the external test certificates.

Paul Kramer von P+MK Flooring, Bad Hönningen