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Family business of the KABE Swiss Group

The roots of GEHOLIT+WIEMER as a medium-sized family company go back to 1889.

Since then, we have always been committed to meeting the demands of a manufacturer of coating materials.

Our customers judge whether we have the appropiate technical expertise to fulfil both their own as well as prevailing regulatory requirements. The fact that we have been serving many of our customers for several decades says a great deal in our favour.

We are very grateful for the high level of trust that has been placed in us for so long. All of our efforts go into making sure we are worthy of this trust, now and in the future. We are highly motivated in our work at all times and want to ensure that all of our business partners feel permanently in good hands with us.

Since 2021, GEHOLIT+WIEMER has been part of the KABE Swiss Group, which is represented by several companies throughout Europe. The Bubenhofer family has taken over all company shares of GEHOLIT+WIEMER as part of a succession solution. The traditional family business will be continued independently in the usual form. Together we combine more than two centuries of experience, Know-how and innovation in the field of paints and coatings.

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