Technical data sheets

Floor Coatings A-Z

2C-EP Primer/Mortar Binder solvent-free, transparent 
2C-EP Primer/Mortar Binder solvent-free, transparent, at raised residual moisture 
2C-EP Primer/Mortar Binder solvent-free, transparent, elasticised 
2C-EP Roller Coating, wear-resistant, non-skid, electrically conductive 
2C-EP-Roller Coating, coloured 
2C-EC Floor Coating , Test certificate on low-flammability , Roller coating for OS8-System 
2C-EP-Floor Coating 
2C-EP waterborne topcoat for mineral wall and ceiling surfaces and steel structures 
2C-EP waterborne conductive coating, electrically conductive 
2C-EP-waterborne conductive Coating, electrically conductive 
2C-EP waterborne sealer, AgBB-tested 
2C-EP-waterborne sealer , AgBB-tested 
2C-EP Hydro EXW-Sealer, mat, electrostatically conductive 
2C-PUR Floor Coating viscoplastic, crack-bridging, low flammability 
2C-PUR waterborne sealer,coloured 
2C-PUR waterborne sealer, transparent 

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