Technical data sheets

employees as businessmen

Working together as a company towards a common goal is one of our great strengths. We want to ensure that GEHOLIT+WIEMER can remain independent. We firmly believe that this is essential to enable us to make important decisions, particularly regarding the longer term, free from external influences. This makes the dedicated hard work of all concerned worthwhile.
Bygone conflicts of interest dissipate within the concept of the employee-businessmen. We all share a common interest in having a company that is financially sound and can therefore offer secure employment as well as ongoing apprenticeship and trainee places. We are continuously striving to achieve these aims.

We are a German company and committed to our corporate base as part of our philosophy. Whilst looking to expand  our business internationally, it is our firm aim to maintain the long-term competitiveness of the jobs offered by our company in Germany .

Our partners - customers, suppliers, banks, institutes, expert committees - are invited to take part in our internal network - based on a balance between mutual security and the trust that arises from this

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