Technical data sheets

OS 8 coating system

Car parks and underground car parks are subject to a high level of stress and strain due to mechanical loads caused by car traffic, rainwater that is brought in, differences in temperature as well as the use of road salt in winter.

To prevent damage which can be caused e.g. by the penetration of chlorides from de-icing salts that are brought in or insufficient drainage, the surface protection system was introduced in accordance with RiLi-SIB 2001, test group OS 8 (RiLi-SIB = Guidelines for Concrete Repair).

The OS 8 coating system from GEHOLIT+WIEMER is a rigid,
non crack-bridging as well as very economical coating system for coating interior floor spaces (e.g. underground car parks, car parks) in accordance with  RiLi-SIB 2001, test group OS 8.
The film thickness of the coating system is 2.5 mm.

It is very easy to process and also features high wear resistance. In addition it is non-skid and resistant to oils and fuels.

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