Technical data sheets

Looking after the environment

Protecting the environment will always be an essential consideration for all businesses involved in the chemicals industry. This covers the production, storage and processing of products. We can offer three technical solutions to reduce organic solvent emissions:

  • "Hydro" water-soluble coating materials (water as the main solvent)
  • "High Solid" coating materials with a reduced solvent content
  • Powder coatings containing no solvents (from KABE Pulverlack Deutschland GmbH)

Our hydro coatings have already proved themselves over 25 years of use. A comprehensive study carried out by an independent institute shows intact coatings with very good adhesion and excellent corrosion protection. This means that you can really trust in our long years of experience.

In many cases, waterborne products are the best choice these days - to the benefit of the environment and those who care about it.

Legal regulations will set even tighter restrictions in future and we shall rise to the challenge.

Protecting our environment in the past, present and future!

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