Industrial coatings A-Z

product namedescriptionTDS
GEHOLIT-K48 EN1C-AK Topcoat for steel partsK48 EN
GEHOLIT-K48-Metallgrund EN1C-AK Primer for steel surfacesK48
GEHOLIT-K64 EN1C-AK-HS Monolayer for steel surfacesK64 EN
GEHOLIT-K67-Metallgrund EN1C-AK-HS Primer for steel surfacesK67
GEHOPON-E41A-Metallgrund, conductive EN2C-EP Primer, conductiveE41A
GEHOPON-E42A-Metallgrund, conductive EN2C-EP Primer, conductiveE42A
GEHOPON-E44R-Metallgrund EN2C-EP Primer, quick curingE44R
GEHOPON-E45R-Metallgrund EN2C-EP Primer, quick curingE45R
GEHOPON-E60-Korrogrund EN2C-EP-HS Primer for steel structures under high corrosion stress, on steel, hot-dip galvanised steel, old coatingsE60
    GEHOPON-E7-Metallgrund, E7-801 EN2C-EP-PrimerE7
    GEHOPON-E7-Metallgrund-NV, E7-884 EN2C-EP-PrimerE7
    GEHOPON-E8 EN2C-EP TopcoatE8 EN
    GEHOPON-E90RI-Metallgrund EN2C-EP-HS Primer, quick curingE90RI
    GEHOPON-EW19-Metallgrund EN2C-EP Hydro PrimerEW19
    GEHOPON-EW19-ZB EN2C-EP Hydro Intermediate, waterborneEW19
    GEHOTEX-W90-Metallgrund EN1C-AY Hydro Primer for steel structures W90
    GEWITEX-W113-Metallgrund EN1C-AC Hydro Primer for steel partsW113
    GEWITEX-W120 EN1C-AK/AY Hydro TopcoatW120 EN
    GEWITEX-W123 EN1C-AK/AY Hydro TopcoatW123 EN
    GEWITEX-W123-Metallgrund EN1C-AK/AY Hydro Primer for steel structuresW123
    GEWITEX-W143 EN1C-AK Hydro MonolayerW143 EN
    GEWITEX-W144 EN1C-AC Hydro Monolayer for cast steel, steel and aluminium substratesW144 EN
    GEWITEX-W144-Metallgrund EN1C-AK/AY Hydro PrimerW144
    GEWITEX-W145 EN1C-AK/AY Hydro MonolayerW145 EN
      GEWITEX-W146 EN1C-AC Hydro MonolayerW146 EN
      GEWITEX-W148 EN1C-AY Hydro MonolayerW148 EN
      GEWITEX-W149 EN1C-AY Hydro MonolayerW149 EN
      GEWITEX-W24 EN1C-AC Hydro Topcoat for gear boxesW24 EN
      GEWITEX-W24D EN1C-AC Hydro Topcoat for gear motorsW24D EN
      GEWITEX-W26 EN1C-AC Hydro MonolayerW26 EN
      GEWITEX-W31S-Struktur EN1C-AY Hydro Structure Coating
      GEWITEX-WK-Spritzgrund, W11- EN1C-AC Hydro PrimerWK
      WIEREGEN-ACU-Metallgrund, M4-702, M4-940 EN2C-PUR PrimerACU
      WIEREGEN-ACU-Metallgrund, M4-708 EN2C-PUR PrimerACU
      WIEREGEN-D1, D1-9002D EN2C-PUR TopcoatD1, D1
      WIEREGEN-D154R EN2C-PUR-HS Monolayer, quick curingD154R EN
      WIEREGEN-D54R, DX-54R EN2C-PUR-HS Monolayer, quick curingD54R, DX
      WIEREGEN-DW52 EN2C-PUR Hydro MonolayerDW52 EN
      WIEREGEN-DW53 EN2C-PUR Hydro Topcoat, satin glossyDW53 EN
      WIEREGEN-DW54 flat EN2C-PUR Hydro Topcoat, flatDW54 flat EN
      WIEREGEN-DW55 EN2C-PUR Hydro TopcoatDW55 EN
      WIEREGEN-M11 EN2C-PUR Topcoat for steel and hot-dip galvanised steelM11 EN
      WIEREGEN-M162R EN2C-PUR Monolayer, quick curing, ESTAM162R EN
      WIEREGEN-M162R-Metallgrund EN2C-PUR Primer, quick curing, ESTAM162R
      WIEREGEN-M163 EN2C-PUR MonolayerM163 EN
      WIEREGEN-M165R EN2C-PUR Monolayer, quick curing, ESTAM165R EN
      WIEREGEN-M165R-supplementary_sheet_1 EN2C-PUR Monolayer, quick curing, ESTAM165R
      WIEREGEN-M166R EN2C-PUR Monolayer, quick curing, ESTAM166R EN
      WIEREGEN-M167R EN2C-PUR Monolayer, quick curing, ESTAM167R EN
      WIEREGEN-M25 EN2C-PUR TopcoatM25 EN
      WIEREGEN-M26 EN2C-PUR TopcoatM26 EN
      WIEREGEN-M31S-Struktur EN2C-PUR Structure CoatingM31S
      WIEREGEN-M33S-Struktur EN2C-PUR Structure CoatingM33S
      WIEREGEN-M33S-Struktur, supplementary_sheet_1 EN2C-PUR Structure CoatingM33S
      WIEREGEN-M41A-Leitlack, conductive EN2C-PUR Conductive for plastics and non-iron metalsM41A
      WIEREGEN-M42A, mat_conductive EN2C-PUR Topcoat, conductiveM42A, mat_conductive EN
      WIEREGEN-M53R EN2C-PUR Monolayer, quick curing, ESTAM53R EN
        WIEREGEN-M63 EN2C-PUR MonolayerM63 EN
        WIEREGEN-M75-Metallgrund EN2C-PUR-HS PrimerM75