Technical data sheets

WHG (WRMA) coatings - coating systems in accordance with Sec. 19 I

In public and private areas responsible use of ecological resources is a top priority. The German Water Resources Management Act (WRMA) (WHG-Wasserhaushaltsgesetz) stipulates that when handling materials that are hazardous to water, all measures must be taken to virtually preclude water pollution in all probability.

Different handling methods for these materials are specified according to specific actions. The plant requirements also vary depending on whether these installations are "LAU" plants (storage, bottling/filling or handling facilities) or "HBV" plants (production, treatment or processing facilities). German legislation requires that all work in installations with materials hazardous to water and in all water hazard classes may only be performed by specialist firms in accordance with WHG 19 I (WRMA).

GEHOLIT + WIEMER offers a certified coating system approved by German building authorities for your applications.

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