Striving for excellence. It's in our nature.

When employees receive due recognition and reward, the drive for excellence is a natural development.

Trained and qualified staff represent our greatest asset. This is not merely a recent insight within our organisation. As a company with high specialisation and quality demands, our longstanding tradition and commitment in the area of apprenticeship and trainee programmes is well known.

We offer trainee schemes for the following occupations/qualifications:

  • Chemist
  • Laboratory technician (speciality paints)
  • Commercial assistant
  • Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Studies (DH)

Many young people have completed GEHOLIT+WIEMER trainee programmes with great success.

The personal commitment to excellence on the part of every employee underpins the economic future of the company. This is why we regard those who are our employees as partners.

People are at the very centre of all our activities:

  • partnering with our customers
  • partnering with our employees
  • partnering with our suppliers