Projects with specific requirements

The skilled selection of coating systems is particularly important if financial resources are tight in the case of a new investment or if the maintenance intervals of industrial goods are extended. We can give you the right advice here.

Special technical requirements require suitable coatings. The challenges here are - resistance to chemicals and ability to withstand high temperatures, such as in chimneys and flues.

In order to be able to continue construction work all year round and in all weather conditions, coating work is carried out as much as possible in the factory these days. In order to coat the prepared steel assembly parts in the hall, materials that harden particularly quickly are required. These then need to be dealt with as soon as possible with any damages in transport kept to a minimum.

GEHOLIT+WIEMER has developed a wide variety of systems over more than 120 years of company history. In recent years, the cost-effective processing of these systems, as well as their environmental sustainability, has been a particular priority.