Building bridges

Bridges form a vital part of the traffic infrastructure of any country. With their help, we can effortlessly cross roads, rivers and valleys - on foot, by car or by rail.

GEHOLIT+WIEMER has set itself the objective of significantly extending the lifespan of bridge constructions, whilst also contributing to their visual appeal.

For decades now, our coating materials have fulfilled all technical specifications such as, for example, the technical delivery conditions of Deutsche Bahn AG (German railways) and the German engineering specifications for steel constructions formally known as ZTV-KOR and now called ZTV-ING, section 4, part 3, of the Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (German Federal Highway Research Institute).

Today's challenges with regard to coating systems for bridge constructions concern the increased UV resistance of top coats. This is because traditional grey shades are increasingly being replaced by bright statement colours or more elegant white.

Customers in Germany and abroad appreciate quality. A long list of references speaks for itself.